At Leaco, we strive to deliver not just the best in technology, but also fast, friendly customer service. We invite you to read what some of our customers have to say about us: 

" Leaco customer service has been great. They are super helpful, very responsive, and always a phone call away if we need anything. Every time I’ve called for questions, they handle it right away. I’ve never had to go more than an hour without an answer. They are a real company doing business locally, not a big franchise corporation where you go through tons of people to get an answer. At Leaco, I have one contact and one backup who can help me, and they handle everything." 

-,  Elliott & Waldron Title & Abstract Co., Inc. 

"We chose Leaco because they were not only lower cost, but more professional, with better speed and reliability. Technology-wise, Leaco is number one. Internet is more reliable, our VoIP landlines are much better, internet speeds are above the bar, and service all around is better. When I have an issue, all I have to do is call or email, and things are back up in a timely manner. Leaco folks come by or call and check on us to make sure everything is going well. We get exactly what we pay for, and we will stay with Leaco for a very long time."

--Chris French, RMS Foods

Internet congestion has always been an issue for Hobbs residents. Other companies promised higher speeds, but during peak hours would fail miserably. Since Leaco fiber was installed, I have noticed a huge difference in quality of service. Kids on Netflix, wife on Facebook and still plenty left for gaming. I'm very pleased with my decision to switch to Leaco.” 

--Waylon Lee 

“I get 100Mbps throughout my entire house. With my previous provider I was told I was getting 100Mbps but never got over 35 at any given time and sometimes would be as low as 10Mbps. Internet is superfast now and nothing lags or buffers.” 

--Shannon S., via Facebook

“I started with my first smartphone at Leaco in 2010. I have always had good reliable service. Seven years later I am still a happy customer. If you are having a problem, they will fix it.” 

--Ross S., via Facebook

"Leaco came out and fixed my internet super quick, super fast and so is my internet. Thanks guys!” 

--Glenda W., via Facebook