Broadband Internet: fast, reliable internet

Tired of buffering, lags, and simply not getting the internet speed and performance that you’re paying for? It’s time for Leaco. We are proud to offer “Tomorrow’s Broadband Today” -- the area’s most robust and reliable internet service to support any home or business. Availability varies by location; see below for full details. 

Leaco’s powerful technology is backed by a commitment to friendly and responsive customer service. Our fully staffed call center is available for your internet troubleshooting, sales and feature questions. Staff members are standing by and on-call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Internet Availability

Dexter and Hagerman and Surrounding

VDSL 25MBPS down and 3MBPS up LTE 15-20MBPS sustained within 5 miles of city center

Hobbs and Surrounding

Fiber Internet:100MBPS, not available throughout the entire city; please call us to see if you qualify. 

LTE Wireless Internet: Sustained 15-20MBPS within 5 miles of city center. Services may not connect in all areas due to issues outside of Leaco's control. 

Lovington and Surrounding

Fiber Internet: 100MBPS, majority of city is fiber fed; call today to see if you qualify.

Wireless Internet: in the immediate outskirts Leaco offers a service capable of 7MBPS.


Fiber Internet: All residents in Tatum qualify for fiber optic internet.


Wireless Internet: 7MBPS available within the surrounding 3 miles of Eunice.