Terms and Conditions

Acceptable Use Policy

Malicious Contact/Violations of Law

The Service may not be used to intentionally damage any individual or entity in any way and Leaco Rural Telephone expressly prohibits the same. Any willfully malicious conduct in violation of law, statute or generally accepted ethical standards is prohibited. Leaco Rural Telephone will cooperate with legal authorities and/or injured parties in the investigation of any crime or civil injustice. Specific activities that are prohibited include, but are not limited to:  

  • Threatening harm to persons or property or otherwise harassing behavior.
  • Violating U.S. Export control laws for software or technical information. 
  • Conducting e-mail scams such as pyramid promotional schemes.
  • Fraudulently representing products/services using your account. 
  • Breaching or attempting to breach the security of any network using "hacking" or "cracking" techniques. 
  • Unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted material. 
  • Illegal Content on Web Pages  
  • Leaco Rural Telephone expressly prohibits the use of customer web pages for illegal activities.  


Leaco Rural Telephone reserves the right to resolve system problems using means including, but not limited to examining accounting logs and other records, accessing an account's mailbox and any other means necessary to ensure proper functioning of the system. Leaco Rural Telephone does not guarantee the security of any data on the system including that transmitted on secure servers. Leaco Rural Telephone assumes no liability for the loss of private or confidential material. Leaco Rural Telephone customers should be aware that no computer system/network is safe from system failures or intrusions by unauthorized parties, and therefore no sensitive material should be passed through the network. Leaco Rural Telephone will endeavor to provide the latest security measures to offer the best possible security.  


Leaco Rural Telephone prohibits "e-mail bombing", which can be defined as sending e-mail(s) of a large size for the purpose of using up all disk storage resources of the recipient or sending more than ten (10) similar e-mail messages to the same e-mail address. Leaco Rural Telephone prohibits "spamming" which can be described as the use (and/or appearing to use) the service for sending unwanted and unsolicited electronic e-mail messages. Leaco Rural Telephone expressly forbids the sending of unsolicited commercial e-mail. Traffic of unsolicited e-mail shall be charged at the rate of $10.00 per e-mail, and the dial-up account of origin will be subject to immediate termination without refund. Leaco Rural Telephone reserves the right to disable all or part of accounts generating excessive e-mail traffic. Leaco Rural Telephone prohibits forging any message or part of the message header/tracking data contained thereon.  

Excessive Bandwidth/Server Utilization 

The contents of any e-mail box exceeding 5 MB in stored messages may be transferred to a compressed file at Leaco Rural Telephone discretion. Leaco Rural Telephone will attempt to notify the account holder via Leaco Rural Telephone account contact information on record, however Leaco Rural Telephone reserves the right to delete the contents of such e-mail box upon sixty (60) days after attempted notification. 

Accounts that have purchased CGI scripting may not use more than 1% of the system's resources for 10 seconds or longer or use a consistent 0.05% or more of the system's resources on any of our servers. Any CGI exceeding 10% CPU utilization will be disabled immediately, and the customer will be notified via e-mail when such actions are taken. 

Users maintaining a web site on Leaco Rural Telephone will be subject to additional charges if their site is receiving excessive use. Leaco Rural Telephone reserves the right to disable all or part of web sites generating excessive traffic. Excessive traffic is defined as any amount of activity that noticeably degrades performance on the Leaco Rural Telephone server in question. This amount is generally in excess of 1% of sustained server usage for any given time period, as determined by Leaco Rural Telephone. 

Local and Roaming Handset Data Utilization

Leaco provides service for a handheld experience, including but not limited to voice or data. Leaco may throttle data if Leaco determines usage of handset is higher than acceptable by Leaco.

By accepting an account with Leaco Rural Telephone, the customer agrees that the customer shall be responsible and hold Leaco Rural Telephone harmless of any liability arising out of customer's actions and the actions of customer's employees, agents or representatives. Failure to follow the above guidelines may result in suspension or termination of the customer's account, and in the event of violations of local, state or federal law or statute, civil and/or criminal proceedings may follow. Leaco Rural Telephone will make every effort to contact the customer in the event of a violation, however we reserve the right to terminate the service without notice. Leaco Rural Telephone will endeavor to resolve any disputes to the best of its ability but is under no obligation to do so in the event these guidelines are not followed.  

This AUP is under constant revision. Leaco Rural Telephone recommends that users check back frequently. Usage of service states your acceptance of this AUP and its guidelines.n a file to download.